Online Video Poker Bonus Guide – Best Real Money Video Poker Bonuses

Welcome to the Video Poker Bonus & Game Rules Guide. Here you’ll find information on Video Poker bonus offers and how to play the game and win (putting your Video Poker bonus to its best use!).

If you like to play poker and you like to play slots, casino Video Poker is the game for you. Mixing the thrill and combination possibilities of five-card draw poker with the easy-to-use interface and rules of a slot machine, Video Poker online is one of the most exciting casino games on the market.

Like its casino version, online Video Poker is easy to grasp and does not exhaust players with overly complicated tactics. At the same time, it’s compelling enough to entertain players for hours. Better still, it is one of the few casino games that allows you to put the odds in your favor. Given certain circumstances, you can actually reduce the house edge all the way to zero and beat the game!

Take a look at the below summaries of how to play Video Poker online and read more on the subjects that appeal to you. Our easy to read guide will improve your game play, boost your confidence and increase your entertainment value, while our Video Poker bonus information will help you parse the fine print and find the promos and free cash giveaways that will build your bankroll fast.

Video Poker Rules

The basic mechanism of casino Video Poker is pretty simple, whether you play online or on land. Place a bet; receive your cards; hold or draw; compare your hand. But, because there are so many casino and online Video Poker game variations—most notably Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Video Poker Bonus games—there also exists an array of very subtle, but nonetheless important game rules. Learning them is an important determining factor in whether you win or lose. explains how to play Video Poker online in depth.

How to Play Video Poker

Whether a beginner looking to learn Video Poker rules or a seasoned gambling pro, we’ve got the Video Poker rules you need to fill in the gaps in your game. The below Video Poker rules include tips on playing game variations like Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

Basic Video Poker Rules & Game Flow

First off, learning how to play Video Poker requires a quick lesson in game flow and basic Video Poker rules. Generally, Video Poker rules adhere to the same general formula as Draw Poker rules.

A player receives five different cards from a standard deck of fifty-two cards (or fifty-three, in the case of Jokers Wild). The player then selects which card(s) he wants the Video Poker machine to “hold” and which he wants to discard in order to improve his hand. Clicking on either the “hold” button or the card itself indicates to the Video Poker software that this card is not to be replaced.

The Video Poker software then selects new to complete the draw. If the player has a minimum winning hand, he is awarded the amount outlined on the Video Poker machine pay table. The higher the five-card poker hand, the more the player wins.

Hand Rankings

But before we get into qualifying Video Poker hands and Video Poker rules by game type, it’s important to understand what you’re aiming for. Below are winning and qualifying Video Poker hands, ranked in order from highest to lowest:

  • Royal flush – A-K-Q-J-T series, all of the same suit. Example: A♠ – K♠ – Q♠ – J♠ – 10♠
  • Straight flush – Any five card, same suit series. Example:  5♠ – 6♠ – 7♠ – 8♠ – 9♠
  • Four of a kind – Four cards of the same value where the suit is not the same. Example: 9♠ – 9♣ – 9♦-9 ♥ – K♥
  • Full house – Three of a kind plus a pair, where cards need not share the same suit.  Example: 8♥ – 8♣ – 8♠ – 9♠ – 9♥
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit with no shared value.  Example: 2♠ – 4♠ – 6♠ – 8♠ – K♠
  • Straight – Five card series, each of different suits.  Example: 4♦ – 5♥ – 6♦ – 7♠ – 8♣
  • Three of a kind – Three cards of the same value plus any two additional cards. Example: 5♦ – 5♥ – 5♠ – 7♠ – 8♣
  • Two pair – Two cards of same value plus any three cards. Example: 5♦ – 5♥ – 6♠ – 8♠ – J♣
  • Pair of Jacks or better – Example: J♠ – J♣ – Q♦ – K♥ – A♥

Qualifying Video Poker hands by Game Type

With most machines, the player must have a “qualifying hand” to win. Minimum qualifying hands vary by game type:

  • In a Jacks or Better game, players must have a pair of Jacks in order to win any money.
  • In Jokers Wild, the minimum hand is usually two pair or a pair of Kings, depending on the software being used.
  • With Deuces Wild, the lowest winning hand is three of a kind.

With this in mind, it’s important to know which cards to keep and which ones to discard. Often, the best strategy is to throw out a low winning hand so that the new deal will improve it.

Knowing when to do this is, of course, the real trick. It is assessed by calculating risk versus payoff. The player who has successfully grasped Video Poker rules and strategy will, as the saying goes, “know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.”

Wild card games pose another challenge to classic Video Poker hand rankings. In “Deuces Wild”, for example, any two (“deuce”) can be played as any other card in order to complete a winning hand. For instance, with a hand of AKQJ2, the 2 can substitute for the 10 for a straight.

In “Jokers Wild”, the single Joker in the deck can be used for the same purpose. If you have a hand with four clubs and a Joker, the smart play would be using the Joker as a fifth club.

Video Poker Strategy

This fun and easy-to-learn gamble is one of the few casino games that are beatable. In order to beat Video Poker online, players must adhere to a strict but effective strategy. But even if you’re not able to play by the book, developing a winning strategy that reduces the house edge significantly is well within reach. All you need is a little bit of practice, the right Video Poker bonus, and the strategy guide.

How to Win at Video Poker

Players have tried numerous means of establishing a solid Video Poker strategy: they may read a Video Poker book to learn techniques or hire a Video Poker trainer to drill them on their Video Poker strategy. Some of these may prove helpful; others less so.

For those looking to fast-track their understanding of Video Poker strategy and increase their game winnings, we present our comprehensive Guide to Video Poker strategy. The below tips and instructions will not only help you be a better player, they will help you earn great online casino bonus rewards for your frequent, winning play.

Get to Know Your Game

Of course, before you can start to win at Video Poker, you have to understand the Video Poker strategy that applies to each variation of the game. For instance, a strong strategy in Jacks or Better Video Poker may not work as well in Deuces Wild, just as a smart play in Double Bonus may cost you money in Double Double Bonus. Game selection is an important skill.

    • Jacks or Better Video Poker
      One key Video Poker strategy in the Jacks or Better variation of the game involves aiming for the Royal Flush whenever possible.  Not only does it offer the highest payout on any size bet, it gives the biggest jackpots when the player puts in the maximum number of credits.  Just like a slot machine, you have to spend big money to make big money.Of course, any good game training software will instruct Jacks or Better Video Poker players to also try for strong hands such as a Straight Flush, which pays fifty times the original bet, and four-of-a-kind, which pays twenty-five times the bet.  A player might sacrifice a made Full House, which pays nine times the bet on a “9/6” machine, to go for the bigger payout with “quads.”
    • Deuces Wild 
      While many game instruction books cover tactics for Jacks or Better, few of them are dedicated to games like Deuces Wild.  While a Royal Flush pays the same in both games, other strong hands such as a Straight Flush, four-of-a-kind or a Full House pay much less.  In Deuces Wild, the second-best hand is four deuces, not four aces, and a Straight Flush pays only nine times the bet.


    • Double Bonus
      One aspect of Double Bonus that a game trainer might miss is that low four-of-a-kind hands (deuces, treys, fours) pay much more than higher hands (fives through Kings).  The low “quad” hands pay eighty times the bet, where the higher ones only pay fifty times.  The same is true of a Non-royal Straight Flush. Recognizing and manipulating these differences in payouts is a key Video Poker strategy.


  • Multi-hand Games
    Multi-hand games offer a unique Video Poker strategy challenge.  The more hands you play, the higher the bankroll you’ll need to keep playing.  Also, with so many hands in play and so many chances to win, the pay tables drop steeply compared with single-play machines.  Most multi-play games do not offer the same payout rates as single-play games, so players need to adjust their expectations accordingly.

Think skill, not Slots

Some inexperienced players think of this random card game machine as a descendent of Slots. While it is true that most modern Video Poker games use random number generator (RNG) software similar to that found in slot machines, veteran players know that this is not the only factor that affects their fate.

Player decisions are a key component in determining whether the game will favor the bettor or the machine. The same cannot be said of slot machines, where luck and superstition play the biggest roles.

Choose the Best Payouts

Perhaps the best Video Poker strategy a player can implement is one that he employs before sitting down to play: read the pay table. All the Video Poker books in the world won’t help you win more if you sit down at an “8/5” game rather than a “9/6” machine. It’s one thing to win at Video Poker, but it’s another to take home the most money.

Play Free Games, Claim Bonuses & Use a Video Poker Trainer

In addition to a good Video Poker book, another important tool to have is a Video Poker trainer software package. The software can simulate different drawing situations and help you employ the right Video Poker strategy at the right time. In order to win at Video Poker, you have to practice, practice and practice some more.

In this regard, online casinos offer several advantages over their live-action counterparts. In many cases, internet casinos offer aggressive bonus packages, both to first-time players and to repeat customers.

Newcomers often receive cash bonuses after they make their first deposit, while veteran players can earn points for merchandise, trips and cash prizes. These aggressive bonus packages give players more than one way to increase their bankrolls.

Whether you choose to play online or on land, employ the above Video Poker strategy tips and you’ll be on your way to an enjoyable and profitable session.

Free Video Poker Game

Ever wish you had your own personal casino game trainer? We have, too. That’s why we’ve created a free online Video Poker game that lets you enjoy playing without fear of financial ruin. Our free game is part simulator; part practice game; part relaxation device. It’s specifically engineered for easy play and no hassle, allowing you to test your know-how or just play a round or two without placing a real money bet.

Video Poker Odds & Probabilities

Knowing the odds of winning and losing is a crucial part of gambling success. How good are your chances of actually being dealt a royal flush? What are your chances of a straight when sporting a starting hand with an outside street? These are very important questions that determine if you will win or loose. So take a good look at our online Video Poker game odds.

From the glitzy, neon-drenched Las Vegas Strip to the keyboard and mouse sitting at a workstation, people all over the world love to play Video Poker. With the expansion of internet gaming sites, millions more are signing up to play online.

Among the advantages of playing Video Poker online are the generous bonus packages offered by the top online casinos. Another great advantage to playing Video Poker online is the abundance of information on Video Poker odds and payout rates. If you plan to play Video Poker and win, you must possess these crucial pieces of information.

But how many players really understand Video Poker odds? How many know the best means of finding a huge Video Poker payout? Some, maybe; but certainly not all.

How to Calculate Odds

To calculate Video Poker odds, remember that each “deck” has 52 cards (fifty-three for “Jokers Wild”). You first receive five random cards, leaving 47 in the deck. You then discard and replace cards from your original hand. The cards you throw out are in the “muck”; they don’t come back into play.

To figure out the probability of hitting your desired hand you must first count how many cards there are that will make your hand. Divide this number of cards by 47 and you will know your odds of hitting that particular Video Poker payout. For instance, if you have four cards to a flush, then there are nine more spades among the 47 cards. Your Video Poker odds of making your flush are about nineteen percent (9/47 = 0.191).

The Random Number Generator

Whether you’re playing Video Poker online or at a high-end land casino, one of the integral parts of any game is its Random Number Generator. This piece of software, also known as the “RNG”, determines what cards a player receives in his initial hand. Each card is equally likely to appear; the computer doesn’t “play favorites.”

“Expected Value” & Payout Rates

Another interesting aspect of how Video Poker odds work is the game’s “expected value.” Unlike most games, wherein the casino has a high “house advantage”, the Video Poker payout rate is very close to 100%. In fact, the “house advantage” is often less than 5%. At a “9/6” Jacks or Better game, the payout rate is 99.5%; at a “9/7” game, the player has a slight (0.7%) edge.

While the Video Poker odds don’t typically change from machine to machine for the same game, the pay tables can vary widely. Typically, the higher the numbers on the pay table, the higher the rate of return players can expect. A “9/6” machine will return a higher payout rate for flushes (nine times) and straights (six times) than an “8/5” machine for the same game.

The catch to these Video Poker odds is that, when betting, the player must use “perfect strategy” and bet the maximum number of coins. The lower house edges are determined based on players drawing to their best hand. This often means sacrificing a winning hand, such as two pair or three of a kind, for a better hand. The player may miss his draw, but the higher payoff makes up for it.

Most people who play Video Poker for the first time start off with “Jacks or Better”, a game in which a pair of Jacks is the minimum winning hand. A qualifying hand pays even money. The Video Poker odds of getting such a hand are about one in four hands. A Royal Flush, the highest possible hand in the game, has Video Poker odds of 1 in more than 40,000 and pays the biggest jackpot.

Bet with Bonus Money

Another way to increase your return is to play with the bonus money offered by the top-flight online casinos. While playing online may not help (or hurt) your Video Poker odds of winning, you can still enjoy the convenience of playing online and the cash bonuses that build your bankroll.


Video Poker Tips

Aside from strategy, there are a few other noteworthy game tips that players should consider before sitting down to play Video Poker online. Where do you play best? How big is your bankroll? Which casinos offer a Video Poker bonus with few restrictions and loose wagering requirements? Though these concerns don’t directly affect your play, they are critical to your success. Read our tips page to get the goods that go beyond in-game strategy.

Whether you play for the fun of the game or you’re chasing that big Video Poker win, the CasinoBonus.Org Video Poker tips guide will help you get the most out of your time and money. It will also help you find those valuable online casino bonuses sites offer in order to attract and retain customers. If you want winning Video Poker tips, start here!

Tip #1 Show me the money!

One of the best Video Poker tactics you can remember involves studying the pay tables at each machine. Some machines pay more than others for the same Video Poker hand. For instance, a “9/6″ machine will pay nine times the original bet for a Full House and six times the starting bet for a Flush. An “8/5″ machine pays out much less.

Tip #2 Play for the jackpot

While you don’t need a Video Poker cheat sheet to take home a huge Video Poker win, you do need to know how to turn a strong Video Poker hand into a huge jackpot. One of the best Video Poker tips involves going for the big win. To do this, you must always bet the maximum amount of coins and always go for the best hand. This technique gives you the best shot at the jackpot.

Tip #3 Aim for the high hand

Remember, even if you have a made Video Poker hand, you’re often better off going for a bigger Video Poker win by drawing to a better hand. This little known and often ignored secret involves going for a higher payout, even if the odds are long, rather than settling for a smaller reward on a weaker hand.

Tip #4 Practice in play money mode

If you’re not sure about which game is best for you or which version you would prefer to play, test out your skills on the “free play” side of your favorite online casino. If you prefer the most basic style of the game, stick with Jacks or Better. If you like wild card games, try Deuces Wild or Jokers Wild.

Use your Video Poker cheat sheet while you practice in free play mode. Keep in mind, too, that this is a game in which winnings are typically amassed slowly and over the long haul. Pros advise basing your decisions on the odds, not on instinct or wild guesses. Unlike in other online casino games like slots and keno, you make the decisions that are the difference between winning and losing.

Tip #5 Try your hand at Multi-hand Video Poker

Once you’ve mastered your game of choice, you should be ready for real money play. Here is where reading our Video Poker cheat sheet and tips guide will pay off.

Those looking to put their skills and our Video Poker tips to the test should try “multi-hand” games. In these games, you play the same cards in multiple hands – up to a hundred – simultaneously. In this game, even if you miss your draw on your “main” hand, you can catch the cards you need on some of your other hands to make your big payoff.

Tip #6 Build a Bankroll with Bonuses

Of all the Video Poker tips, those regarding bonuses are perhaps the most valuable (and, of course, our specialty!). With all the skill, experience, and-we hope-winnings you’ll build up by playing at your favorite online casino, you’ll also earn casino bonuses in the form of points, merchandise, or cold, hard cash. In fact, most online casinos reward their players at a better rate than any land-based casino can offer. Claim your casino bonus to build your bankroll. After that, it’s just a matter of having fun and playing smart.

Video Poker History

Born of the psychedelic Seventies, this game is one of the newest in the casino, which is why its speedy ascent up the player popularity charts is so astounding. In less than 40 years, this popular game has bested casino games that have been around for centuries. Our comprehensive coverage of its brief but exciting history explains its origins from start to present.

Contrary to popular belief, the history of Video Poker did not start with the invention of personal computers or the integrated circuit. In fact, this popular game began at about the same time as the first slot machines made their way into gambling halls. Although the machines did not reflect the contemporary versions we’ve come to know and love, they did employ many of the same methods used in today’s modern games.

In a way, the start of Video Poker history dates back to before the “video” part was invented. In the late 1800s, a New York company created a poker machine similar to a slot machine. Instead of fruits and bars, the reels displayed cards. After the reels stopped, the five cards revealed in the window made up the player’s five-card poker hand. This form of gambling grew at the turn of the century.

A few years later, Charles Fey, the inventor credited with the creation of the slot machine, adapted the poker machine so that it would “hold” selected cards and redraw the rest of the hand. The ability to “hold” cards became the biggest innovation in the history of Video Poker and led to a much more strategic approach to the game. The need for strategy whilst playing further expanded the popularity of Video Poker gambling.

The first true casino Video Poker machines were introduced in the 1970s. Dale Electronics invented “Poker-Matic”, a computerized form of Video Poker gambling similar to that of the first mechanical poker machines.

The next step in Video Poker history came when SIRCOMA created Draw Poker, which allowed players to hold and redraw cards in order to make a better hand. As machines were linked into networks, these became the first versions of the games as we know them.

But unlike several other fashionable games of the time, casino Video Poker games were not limited to casino play. Even before the advent of online Video Poker games, many players enjoyed Video Poker in bars, restaurants, arcades and other entertainment venues. It’s this extensive availability and prevalence that contributed to the game’s quick acceptance.

The introductions of the personal computer and the home video game took Video Poker history one giant leap further. Instead of trekking to a casino or visiting an arcade, the online Video Poker game allowed players to gamble from the comfort of their own homes.

Online Video Poker games also allow players to use the same software that controls the casino, providing them a unique means of practice in the form of “play money” mode.

The advent of the internet in the 1990s was the launching point for online Video Poker history, as well as for other forms of online casino gaming. Online casino software giant, Microgaming, developed the first games in online Video Poker history for major internet gaming sites. Their growth and widespread popularity were the sparks that ignited the biggest boom in the history of Video Poker.

As technology expands and more players are drawn to this fun and exciting game, online Video Poker history continues to evolve. New forms of the game are introduced, both in online casino sites and in stylish casinos throughout the world, and new books, web sites and strategy guides are published for novice and veteran players.


Video Poker Glossary

Sure of your game terms? Know what “cowboy”, “deuce”, and “kicker” really mean? Don’t worry if you answered “no” to one or both questions. Our complete Video Poker bonus and game glossary has all the game slang, promotional terminology and player turns of phrase you’ll need to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Looking to understand Video Poker language? You’ve come to the right place. The Video Poker glossary has all the Video Poker terms and slang you’ll need to know to get in the game.

Our list of Video Poker definitions and comprehensive guide to Video Poker slang will improve your game knowledge, thus improving your game play.

Bonus Video Poker: A form of Jacks or Better Video Poker that pays more to four-of-a-kind hands than the standard version of the game. Also known as “Double Bonus” and “Double Double Bonus.”

Credit:  The minimum bet amount for a Video Poker machine.

Deuce:  Another name for “two.”

Deuces Wild Video Poker: A Video Poker game where any deuce is considered a “wild card.”

Draw Poker: In Draw Poker, a player receives five cards.  The player can hold or redraw as many cards as he needs to improve his hand.  All Video Poker games are varieties of Draw Poker.

Face Card: A jack, queen or king.  In Jacks or Better Video Poker, a hand with two matching face cards (jacks, queens or kings) is a winning hand and pays even money.

Flush:  A hand with all five cards of the same suit.

Four-flush:  A hand with four cards of the same suit.  The hand needs another card of the same suit to complete the flush.

Full House:  A hand with three cards of one rank and two of another.  For instance, a hand with KKK77 is a full house (i.e. kings full of sevens).

Full Pay Machine: Any Video Poker Game that offers the best payout rates, also called a “9/6″ machine, since these Video Poker games pay nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush, when playing Jacks or Better Video Poker.

High Card:  A hand with no pair, straight or flush.  For instance, a hand with K9865 is called “king-high.”

Inside Straight:  A hand that needs one card in the middle of the sequence to complete a straight.  For instance, a hand with 34678 needs a five to complete the straight.

Jacks or Better Video Poker:  A Video Poker game wherein a pair of jacks is the minimum winning hand.

Joker:  A fifty-third card, separate from all other ranks and suits.

Jokers Wild Video Poker:  A Video Poker game wherein the Joker is a “wild card.”

Odds:  A player’s chances of drawing a winning hand.  The odds of winning vary greatly between Deuces Wild Video Poker, Jacks or Better Video Poker and Jokers Wild Video Poker.

Outside straight:  A hand that needs a card on either end of the sequence to complete the straight.  For instance, a hand with 5678K needs either a four or a nine to complete the straight.

Pair:  Two cards of the same rank.

Pay Table: A table of payout rates displayed on a Video Poker machine.

Progressive Jackpot:  A jackpot that grows with each player’s bet; usually pays a player who gets a Royal Flush.

Quads: Four cards of the same rank.  Also called “four-of-a-kind.”

Rank: The level of the card, from two (lowest) to ace (highest).  In “wild card” games such as Deuces Wild Video Poker and Jokers Wild Video Poker, the “wild card” can stand for any rank that will improve the player’s hand.

RNG: Random Number Generator; a piece of software that randomly determines which cards will be dealt.  Every Video Poker game uses a form of RNG software.

Royal Flush: A hand with a ten, jack, queen, king and ace, all of the same suit.  In all Video Poker games, a Royal Flush is the best possible hand.

Straight: A hand with five cards in sequential rank, regardless of suit.  For instance, a hand with 45678 is called an “eight-high straight.”

Straight Flush: A hand with five cards in sequential rank, all of the same suit.  For instance, a hand with 23456 is called a “six-high straight flush.”  A Royal Flush is the highest possible straight flush.

Suit:  The symbol on the card.  The suits are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.  In “wild card” games such as Deuces Wild Video Poker and Jokers Wild Video Poker, the “wild card” can stand for any suit that will complete the player’s flush.

Trips: Three cards of the same rank.  Also called a “set.”

Wild Card:  A card that can stand in for another card.  In Deuces Wild Video Poker, any “deuce” (two) is a wild card.  In Jokers Wild Video Poker, the Joker is a wild card.

Knowing Video Poker definitions and Video Poker language is a key part of making informed player decisions and understanding possible game outcomes.  With the above Video Poker dictionary and Video Poker terms you’re sure to feel and play like a pro.