Online Keno Bonus Guide – Best Real Money Keno Bonuses

Online Keno games are very much like your local lotteries: They’re easy to learn and fun to play. The rules for how to play Keno online are straightforward and come in a vast number of interesting, but easy-to- learn varieties.

Getting started at casino Keno requires little effort. Purchase a ticket; choose your numbers; await the results. Whether you enjoy a game online or on land, it’s one of only a few that are simultaneously exciting and relaxing. To get your casino Keno game on, read the introductory tips and information below then click the links to the pages you wish to read.

Keno Rules

Few casino games are as easy to learn as online Keno. Simply select between one and ten numbers from a possible 80 and await your results. The more numbers you match, the more you win.

There is a bit of strategy involved—understanding payout ratios and selecting the wager amount you place per number—but the basic rules for how to play Keno online vary little. Read the rules section to learn more.

How to Play Keno for Money

There are a lot of different strategies used to conquer casino games. The most obvious, and therefore most overlooked, is to learn their rules. Keno Rules are widely considered to be the easiest casino game rules to learn. Ironically, the game also has some of the biggest rewards.

Our quick guide to live play and online Keno rules will show you what you need to know in order to start winning big jackpots today.

Get your Keno Cards

The first step is simply to buy a Keno card. Depending on whether you prefer live games or want to learn how to play online games, there will be some major differences on how to purchase your Keno cards.

  • If you play a live game, you will purchase the card from casino employees.
  • When playing on the web, you just press a button and the money is automatically deposited to your gaming account.

Choose your Lucky Numbers

The next thing you need to do is pick your numbers. Online Keno rules for the minimum and maximum number selections will vary among casinos, so make sure you read the fine print before playing.

All Keno cards have eighty numbered squares from which to choose. Simply mark the numbers you want and turn in your card.

A note on Keno Jackpots

As earlier stated, casino and online Keno rules vary among casinos. One stipulation, however, is true almost entirely across the board: you must bet the maximum in order to be eligible for the big Keno jackpots.

Learn Keno rules to the letter before placing your bet or you may win breadcrumbs instead of buckets of cash when your lucky numbers hit.

Some casinos require that you validate your card before playing. The reason for this is to protect the casino from sketched out players who try to change their numbers after the drawing (numbers are drawn by random number generator in most casinos so that you are getting the most accurate game possible).

If you don’t get your card validated before the numbers are drawn, there is a chance that your game outcome will not be honored for that round.

Thus you’ve been warned: Skip this step and there will be a tear in your beer-versus tears of joy-when your lucky numbers hit.

Obviously, validating your card isn’t necessary if you play online games because there are no casino employees in your living room. Here, the computer takes care of all procedural details.

Claim your Cash!

The next step has to do with claiming your winnings (fingers crossed!). Hopefully, you won a big casino bonus on the drawing and are collecting the monetary equivalent of a down payment on your future mansion.

In a live game you will need to take your card to a casino employee. Those learning how to play online Keno games should be aware that this doesn’t apply to them. Again, the casino software takes care of all procedural details. Your winnings are automatically deposited to your choice of casino, bank or credit card accounts.

That about wraps up the first step in learning how to playing online Keno games. Think you’re ready to go out and earn those huge casino bonuses..hit those big jackpots?

Keno Strategy

In casino Keno, game outcomes are random and governed entirely by chance. There is no way to influence the draw or to beat the odds. That said, there are a few strategies for online Keno games that can increase your chances of winning and control your losses. Choosing the right casino, for example, is essential, as bonus offerings, game types and security vary among them. It’s also important to bet effectively, a strategy which influences how often and how long you play. The strategy page explains these tactics and more.

How to Win at Keno

One of the most hotly debated topics in the gambling world is Keno strategy. Some people claim that there is no Keno strategy needed to both play and win this popular game.

While this may be true in terms of your influence over the numbers – Random Number Generators (RNGs) determine game outcomes and cannot be manipulated or biased – it is most definitely untrue with regard to player choices. Behavior, timing, betting techniques and game knowledge all have a tremendous impact on how much you win and lose.

“To Win or Not to Win?” That really is the question when is comes to whether you should or shouldn’t employ some basic Keno strategies. You can stumble along playing your luck and winning every so often or you can take home higher than average Keno payouts. The choice is yours.

For those who’ve decided they want to win, we’ve got the goods on how. Below are a few winning Keno tactics and tried and true Keno tricks that will have you thanking your strategic (vs. lucky) stars you came to Casino Bonus.

Accept the Facts

Here’s the part where we tell you to ignore everything we just said. Yes, your behavior and choices do determine your overall win ratio. And yes, how well you understand the game and when/how much you bet will affect your bankroll.

But, one of the first and most important winning Keno strategies is to realize that you can only do so much to alter the game. You will have a much more enjoyable time if you embrace the fact that this, and all other casino games, involves risk.

We call this Keno strategy the “accept the facts strategy.” Follow this step and you will have more fun picking your numbers.

Choose your Numbers Wisely

Having acknowledged that randomness is one of the Keno systems that makes the game a gamble, it must be said that how you pick your numbers is where Keno strategy really comes into play.

  • Many seasoned players think that the most profitable Keno tactics are those that track the numbers called in previous rounds. If you’re playing in a live casino, you will probably notice lots of people scribbling numbers into notepads. They are trying to use past numbers to predict futures and will typically bet on the outcomes recently rendered.The idea here is that the computers responsible for generating game outcomes make errors. Most of the people who employ these Keno tricks began playing the game long before its outcomes were computerized, back when humans made errors that computers do not.Sadly, the numbers that are called next do not depend on numbers that were called last. It just doesn’t work that way. Still, this mathematical fact has not prevented thousands of people from trying to use Keno systems like this. Point is, don’t fall into this Keno trick trap.
  • Another common Keno trick employed by veteran players is to consistently bet on the same numbers. These numbers often hold significant meaning for the player who thinks that if he bets lucky numbers like birthdays or wedding anniversaries he will be one step closer to winning those massive Keno payouts.The good news here is that betting repeatedly on the same numbers is one of the few winning Keno strategies that do bring you closer to big Keno payouts. You have a higher statistical win rate if you don’t jump around the number board. However, you don’t start winning under this system because your numbers are lucky. Rather, you win because you are consistent.

Do You Feel Lucky?

It is not enough to know what not to do when you play. You need to know what steps you should follow in order to be eligible for the big internet casino bonus that the casinos use to lure you. Many people swear that the most important step to winning is doing whatever feels comfortable.

By this, they mean that playing well is the result of confidence and confidence is the result of feeling good about your game. It is actually a scientific fact that athletes, businessman and pretty much all human beings perform their best when they are relaxed and confident.

To achieve this, many people swear by lucky totems like key chains or rabbit’s feet or their special game day socks. Of course, none of these will actually improve your odds of winning, but they might improve your mental state.

Keno strategy is one of the hot button issues in the gambling world because everyone is convinced that their particular system is the best. The truth is that there is no one Keno strategy that is guaranteed to work for everyone.

The above Casino Bonus Keno strategy tips should point you in the right direction. Good luck…or shall we say, good strategy!

Practice Keno Online Free

Still not sure how to play Keno online? Perplexed by the tickets and their values? Don’t worry. has the cure for your confusion. We’ve designed our very own free Keno game so that you can test your game IQ before betting your bankroll. Play a free Keno game to practice or play a game to relax. If/when you’re ready to wager real cash, check out our casino reviews for information on the latest casino promotions and biggest casino bonuses. Whether free Keno or real money play, we’ve got the ticket!

Keno Odds

To be honest, online Keno provides no means of predicting game outcomes. With more than 80 numbers to choose from and a Random Number Generator (RNG) determining which numbers are called, the possibilities are literally in the quintillions. But there are odds and payout information that can be very helpful. Lucky for you, we’ve crunched the numbers and done the calculations so all you have to do is play!

Keno Probabilities & Payouts

There is no absolute, hands down, 100% reliable strategy for conquering online Keno odds. Whether you play on land or on the web, Keno odds are indelible. By this we mean that no human factor, tactical maneuvering or systematic approach to the game will influence its outcome. This is true of casino games like Roulette, Craps and Slots, but untrue of popular card games like Blackjack and Poker, wherein player decisions can put the odds in their favor to a greater or lesser degree.

The unchangeable nature of Keno odds can make the game either more frustrating or more exciting. For some, the inability to control the game is unnerving. For others, the challenge of knowing everything one can possibly know about the game and developing a system for working within its confines is exhilarating.

Part of that knowledge, of course, involves Keno odds: What are they? How are they determined? If/how can they be manipulated? Payouts, game variations and the house edge all play a role in establishing Keno odds. The Keno Odds Guide breaks down Keno math and explains the inner workings of the game in bite size bits. Read on for more information on basic Keno math, Keno odds and how to win Keno!

House Edge Definition

To start, let’s talk about the house edge. In simple terms, the house edge definition is a percentage the house takes/claims on each bet placed. Winning bets on every casino game are paid off at less than the true odds in order to pay the house. The claiming of this percentage on wins is one way casinos make profit.

In terms of both the casino and internet casino house advantage for Keno, this percentage typically hovers somewhere around 15%. Translation: a player can expect to keep about 85% of every winning bet he makes. The 15% that goes to the casino is the house edge.

Minimize Your Losses

When considering how to win Keno, look at the ways you can minimize your losses.

  • Employ a betting system that slows down your loss rate. This increases your game’s longevity and puts you in a good position to win small jackpots that are less lucrative but more frequent. Betting five squares instead of 14 may prevent you from winning the jackpot, but it will also prevent you from losing your shirt!
  • Play at internet casinos. The overhead costs of internet casinos are lower than those of live casinos so their house edges are also lower. Better still, they offer casino bonuses and promotions that land casinos don’t. Keno odds may give the house some of your money, but free bonus cash and comp points mean you also get some of its.

Max Bets

The average player doesn’t have the budget to bet the max on every single game. There’s no shame in this. It means only that players must truly understand Keno odds.

The most common bet is five squares on the standard eighty square card. If you place this bet, there is a 27% chance that all five of your numbers will be picked. Conversely, there is a 22% chance that none of your numbers will be chosen.

This comparison demonstrates a simple fact: Keno odds always favor of the house. Nearly a quarter of the time you will have absolutely nothing in your hand. Half of the time you will get some combination of numbers. The remaining 25% of the time, you’ll be paid for your five number bet. As was mentioned above, however, be aware that the win on your five number bet will likely not be enormous. Instead, it will be enough to keep you in the game.

Keno Odds Charts

Most people want to learn how to win Keno in order to satisfy their dream of becoming an instant millionaire. Indeed, this can happen; but it’s a long shot. You will typically have to match 14 numbers in order to collect a major jackpot. This works out to 1 in 389 million chances of making it big. Below is a Keno odds chart that outlines the probabilities and odds against hitting your picks when playing between 1 and 10 numbers.

# of PicksCatchProbabilityOdds to 1# of PicksCatchProbabilityOdds to 1
1 pick00.750.33338 picks00.088310.3294
2 picks00.56010.785330.21483.6558
3 picks00.41651.400970.000166231.27
30.013971.07029 picks00.063714.6868
4 picks00.30832.243420.31642.1603
5 picks00.22723.401780.0000325930681
30.083910.91410 picks00.045820.8385
6 picks00.16665.002340.14735.788
7 picks00.12167.2254

As you can see, the Keno probabilities on a win decrease in proportion to the total numbers picked and matched. It’s also no surprise that the two picks with the highest Keno probabilities pay out the least. We’re sticking to our story, though, and suggesting you think of the long-term and play for the smaller, sustainable wins.

Keno Tips

Besides the ability to count to 80, there are a few other game tactics and skills that can greatly improve your win ratio. Though this is fundamentally a game of luck—you cannot predict or influence the numbers called— a few simple tips can help in getting luck on your side. Our tips page offers insights to how many numbers and how much money to bet. Choosing your bets and budgeting your bankroll will extend the length of your session.

Poker, video poker and blackjack are all casino games that allow for some degree of control over their outcomes. Here, the choices a player makes – from how many cards to toss or take to when it’s best to raise or fold – greatly influence a player’s win/loss ratio and his longevity. These games have odds and probabilities. Those who can assess them are successful. Those who cannot will fail.

The same cannot be said of Keno, one of the few casino games whose foundation rests more on luck than skill. Players select numbers; a Random Number Generator (RNG) issues the winning numbers. Bets are won or lost and it all starts again.

Unfortunately, there is no way to influence or predict which numbers come up and when. That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t assert any control over your game. Playing free games, claiming casino bonus cash, managing your bankroll and establishing Keno betting systems are each crucial components in determining if and for how long you’ll enjoy and, we hope, profit from the game. Read the below Keno tips for valuable Keno advice on how to play to win.and how to beat online casinos at their own game.

Practice for Free

  • One of the most important Keno tips is where you have the option, to play with the casino’s money. Most reputable online gambling websites offer casino bonus cash at sign-up. Often, these giveaways come with some serious stipulations attached, but if you read the fine print and are careful in your choices, claiming casino bonus cash and promotional offers is one of the best ways to build a bankroll.
  • Gambling fans can also take advantage of the free games that have become so prolific online. Nearly every internet casino and a few gaming portals now offer them-we are one such portal! They are a great way for players to enjoy a risk-free game or two. Free Keno games are also especially useful for new players that are still learning how to play. They allow you to test various betting systems in a very close approximation to a real life gambling scenario.

Bankroll Management

If you are playing with your own money, one of the most important Keno tips is to watch your wallet. In gambling parlance, this is known as “bankroll management.” In the heat of the moment, it can be all too easy to continue betting long after you should have stopped. People do this for many reasons: chasing the jackpot; chasing their losses; chasing the comp; or simple boredom. None of these is worth going bankrupt.

Set aside a budget that you can afford to lose before entering the casino. Stick to it, no matter how “hot” your numbers or how loose the draw. You’ll win some; you’ll lose some. But if you play smart, neither will see you homeless or addicted.

Keno Betting Systems

Bankroll management brings us to the next point on our list of Keno tips: knowing how much to bet. Several Keno betting systems advocate that you always bet the maximum. This reasoning is deeply flawed because it assumes that you have an unlimited bankroll.

You can, however win if you learn how to maximize your profits while limiting your losses. When it comes to Keno tips, this means betting the maximum occasionally, and betting minimum often.

How to Play Keno Online vs. Casino Keno Games

Some Keno tips are specific to the type of game you want to play. For example, brick and mortar players must be sure they purchase the right kind of ticket, validate it at the right time, and redeem it within the specified time frame. Skip one of these vital steps and you could end up missing out on the jackpot or casino bonus cash you deserve.

Keno tips at online casinos are slightly different. Online games focus on ways to beat online casinos without losing a ton of money in the process. Online players should really take advantage of the fact that they can play for free to learn how to play Keno like an expert without risking their bankroll. They can also test our casino tips without risk.

Just Have Fun!

You can spend hours reading lists of Keno tips and seeking Keno advice, but to really learn the game you have to play it. Try free games here at or hit the boards at your favorite gaming site. Either way, keep cool, play smart and have fun.

Keno History

This is, arguably, the oldest game you will find in any casino, whether online or on land. Some hypotheses put the game’s origins date back 2,200 years ago. According to legend, leaders of China’s Han Dynasty made it a national game and used its profits to fund a war. Players selected between 120 Chinese characters and were awarded when their selections were drawn. It’s said that game profits helped to not only win the war, but to fund the building of China’s Great Wall.

It is a must for serious Keno players to read this quick introduction to Keno history. This popular lottery-like game has a long and curious past, and Casino Bonus has mined the historical facts to create a timeline that highlights its most interesting developments.

Game Origins

Keno history can be traced back to differing time periods, depending on how one categorizes the game. Most people in the casino gaming world consider it a basic lottery game wherein players choose numbers; numbers are drawn; matching numbers are deemed winners and winners are awarded a prize. This explanation of the game places Keno origins at more than 2 centuries ago.

In their oldest forms, lottery games appear BCE during the period of China’s Han dynasty. Legend states that a Chinese military leader required money be raised in order to continue waging a long and drawn out war. Taxes were out of the question, so he created a national lottery that would raise funds instead. The plan worked and he was able to gain the necessary funds he needed. It’s unknown if the war was won, but it did-or so says the legend-launch an international lottery craze that is still in effect today.

Through the course of Keno history, there have been some minor changes to the game rules. The fundamentals, however, have remained intact. For example, internet Keno games have more numbers on their digital cards than were used in ancient China. The basic principle of choosing numbers that match those drawn has not changed.

Coming to America

Keno history turned towards the United States in the early 19th century when Chinese immigrants came to America in search of work. It quickly became as popular in the United States as it had been in ancient China. It fit well into a casino gaming culture that valued games of luck over games of skill.

Just as casino gaming became popular among Americans of all classes, the U.S. legislature outlawed gambling. Casinos across the nation were closed when it was declared illegal to gamble in any form. Without entrée to top casinos, American Keno players began playing at illegal speakeasies.

Were it not for the enduring appeal of the game, Keno history may have come to an abrupt end. Top casinos were not content to see one of their most popular gambles left by the wayside. They continued to petition for changes in the gambling law. Finally, in 1931, anti-gambling law was adjusted so as to allow games of skill to take place in legitimate casinos throughout the country.

Welcome to the World Wide Web

Keno history has evolved exponentially since 1931. Most modern Keno players are now play internet Keno, a feat that would have been unthinkable in the casino gaming culture of old.

Today, internet Keno games featuring unique animations and life-like graphics are available at any number of online gaming destinations. Players can bet on their lucky numbers from the privacy and comfort of their own homes..a far cry from playing the ancient lottery games of the Han Dynasty.

While the Han Dynasty version of Keno history is by far the most prolific and most popular version of Keno origins, it is the advent of internet gambling that is taking the game to new heights and changing the way we think about what was once considered a simple lottery game.

Keno Glossary

Like every game, online Keno has its own language. Unique terms, slang and lingo abound among seasoned players who use their ‘insider speak’ to separate the vets from the newbies. We’ve assembled the terms you need to know in order not to fall into the latter camp. The game glossary defines terms like “goose”, “draw” and “spot” , and explains what players mean when they drop phrases like “pay any catch ticket” .

Anyone can buy a ticket and pick some numbers. But to walk the walk, you’ve got to talk the talk. Just what is Keno talk? It’s the sum of terms used in game play and conversation. These terms are the signifiers of who’s a pro and who’s a newbie. Lucky for you, our Keno glossary contains all the in-the-know phrases and Keno slang you’ll need.

Refer to the below Keno glossary now and during online play, and keep these Keno definitions in mind when purchasing your ticket, picking your spots and placing your bets.

Keno Terminology

Bet– The amount of money wagered per draw. Depending on the online gaming establishment that you frequent, you can bet between $0.25 and $50 on a single draw.

Call– A call occurs when the numbers are displayed after they are drawn by the computer.

Draw– The term that describes the process of number selection. Most casinos have switched from old-fashioned manual draws to systems that display computerized numbers.

Catch – A single spot draw.

Catch-All – Keno game variation wherein players must catch all of the numbers marked on their tickets.

Catch-Zero – Keno game variation requiring players catch none of the numbers marked on their tickets.

Combination Ticket – A single card with multiple wagers.

Deuce – Keno slang for two spots grouped together.

Draw – The act of drawing the 20 winning numbers.

Edge Ticket – Cards that have the 32 numbers on their outer edges marked.

Exacta – A Keno ticket that is used for two games and that holds a special payout rate.

Fractional Rate Ticket – A ticket played for a fraction of the typical rate.

Hit– A hit occurs when one of your selected numbers is drawn. Of all the Keno glossary terms, this is perhaps the most important; it tells you when you’ve won.

House– The name used to refer to the casino. You will most often hear this term when players are discussing the house edge or house advantage.

Jackpot– The largest existing prize. Most casinos attach stipulations to Keno jackpot eligibility. Typically, these stipulations involve placing maximum bets.

Keno balls– Keno numbers were originally drawn out of a metal cage like bingo balls. Each small plastic ball had a number painted on it that would be read aloud by a casino employee. This time intensive procedure has been abandoned in most casinos.

Keno cards– Cards around the world are all set up in roughly the same way. Each card is marked with eighty squares and numbered from 1 to 80. Players need to mark they chosen numbers on the card and have it validated in order for a win to be considered valid.

Left-Right Ticket – A ticket marked vertically down its center. Here, players aim to catch numbers on one half of the ticket only.

Multi Game Ticket – A ticket used for several  games.

Outside Ticket – The official Keno game ticket a player receives in exchange for his hand marked ticket. It is distributed only after a bet is placed.

Random Number Generator– Most casinos use a random number generator to draw their Keno numbers instead of holding physical draws. Using these programs allows the casino to have more games going on at once because each game takes less time.

Split Ticket – Here, two or more groups of numbers are played separately within the same ticket.

Spot – The selected numbers marked on a ticket.  One of the original Keno terms.

Top-Bottom Ticket – A ticket marked horizontally through the middle.  Here, the aim is to catch only numbers on one half of the ticket.

This brief online Keno glossary can serve as an easy reference tool for the Keno terms & Keno slang you need to know in order to play—and sound—like a pro.  For more information on game rules, visit our comprehensive guide game flow, bets, cards, numbers and tickets.  Visit our strategy, tips and odds pages to learn the odds and probabilities of your lucky numbers hitting and to design a strategy that best fits your gaming style.