Online Baccarat Bonus Guide – Best Real Money Baccarat Bonuses

If you’ve played online poker and blackjack and are looking for a different kind of card game, internet Baccarat may be for you.

But far from being the “other card game”, both on land and internet Baccarat are, in fact, quite popular in Europe and Asia. Thanks to the web revolution and its resulting easier Baccarat game access, that contingent is quickly growing. Online casinos have introduced this unique card game to a broad, previously untapped audience, and provided players helpful game tutorials (like those available via the links below) that enhance winning Baccarat potential.

If, in the past, you’ve found winning Baccarat next to impossible and its well dressed, cash heavy patrons intimidating, try playing amidst absolute anonymity in an internet Baccarat game, which provides the opportunity for you to relax and simply enjoy the game. Play slow and patiently with a private table of friends, or play fast and aggressively with a full table of other online high rollers. You can even play for free.

Baccarat Rules

To play Baccarat online, you’ve got to learn Baccarat game rules. Pretty obvious, right? But because there are three types of Baccarat game, this can prove more difficult than it seems. Rules often vary from one casino—or even one table—to the next. So it’s important that you are prepared to play any and all of its three variations. Our comprehensive overview of game rules ensures that you always make the right moves.

How to Play Baccarat

Learning how to play Baccarat, and how to win Baccarat for that matter, is easier than many people think. Unlike other card games like poker and even blackjack, playing Baccarat is simply a matter of understanding a few basic Baccarat rules and terms and putting them into practice. The below guide to Baccarat rules outlines game flow, odds, Baccarat bets and payout percentages.

Understanding Baccarat Bets

To understand how to play Baccarat, it’s perhaps most important to understand how you may bet.  Baccarat games are unique among card games in that players do not bet on the strength of their own hand; rather, they bet on the position they believe holds the best hand.

There are three available betting options.  Bettors may wager on the “banker”, the “player” or the “tie”. Despite what appears obvious, the banker in this scenario is not the dealer and you are not the player.  These are merely positions to which cards are dealt.

Betting on the tie indicates you believe the banker position and the player position will end up with exactly the same hand value. This scenario is very rare, but many lists of game tips will suggest that you place your bet here because it pays out more than the other positions.

Game Flow

Baccarat rules dictate that the dealer starts the game by placing one card face down in each position. He will then reveal this initial card and note the hand value in each position. It is crucial to remember that the Baccarat rules for counting card values are unlike those of other casino card games.  Face cards and tens are worth zero and everything else is assigned its numeric value.

Following the initial deal, each position receives a second card. Hand values for each position are then tallied using another unique set of Baccarat rules. When the sum of two cards is a two digit number, the tens place value is removed. For example, a hand value of 12 becomes a hand value of 2.

After the two card hand values are assessed, the player position “acts” first. Baccarat rules state that the player position may not receive another card if he has a total of six or higher in his hand. If he has less than six, he may receive another card in order to have a fair chance of winning the game.

The banker position “acts” next.  He automatically receives another card if he holds a hand value whose total ranges from 0 – 2.   However, the banker position never receives cards if he is holding more than 7. If he has less than 6 but more than 2, he may receive a card if the player did not.

Odds & Payouts

You may place a wager on any of the three bet types. Knowing how to win Baccarat is all about knowing where to place your bet.

  • Player and banker positions pay even money on every hand.  This means that if a bettor wagers on the winning position, he wins is initial bet times two.
  • Bets placed on the banker have a greater chance of winning-an average 1% increase, to be exact.  In response to these player-friendly odds, nearly all casinos extract a 5% commission on winnings earned from bets on the dealer.  Thus, if a bettor wins on the dealer, he wins his initial bet plus 95% of that bet.
  • Betting the tie can be lucrative.  Average payout is 9 to 1 (i.e. the bettor wins his initial bet plus the total of nine times that bet).  Betting on the tie is also risky.  It rarely hits, which mean you’ll often lose a lot before you win.
  • Even when no one bets the tie, everyone benefits when it hits.  This is because most casinos consider a tie a push.  No one loses money; the hand is simply re-dealt.

In terms of house edge, it varies depending on the position upon which you wager.  Player position generally carries a 1.24% house edge; banker position stands at 1.06%; tie position is highest at an average 14%.

Baccarat Strategy

While some players have no problem leaving their fate to luck, others understand the value of smart Baccarat strategy. An effective Baccarat system will optimize your playing time, minimize your losses, and increase your potential for winning Baccarat. Read the Casino Bonus Baccarat system and Baccarat strategy guide.

How to Win at Baccarat

Winning at Baccarat requires knowledge of a few simple secrets, and a good Baccarat strategy will go a long way at the table. The Casino Bonus guide to Baccarat strategies provides a straightforward approach to winning at Baccarat. Read the below list of Baccarat systems, secrets and tactics to exponentially increase your game knowledge and win ratio.

Crunch the Numbers

The very first step in developing a solid Baccarat strategy is recognizing that you cannot alter the math behind the cards. Even if you use what you think is the best of Baccarat systems, you cannot change Baccarat odds.

This immutable fact places Baccarat in a category of on land and online casino games wherein lady luck, versus player decisions, determines whether you win or lose.

Be the Banker

The best casino and online Baccarat strategy focuses on making the best possible decisions where there are actually decisions to be made. The only time this opportunity arises is when you are selecting the betting position on which to wager. You may choose among banker, player and tie.

Tie carries an average house edge of 14%, while player and banker positions have house edges of 1.24% and 1.06%, respectively. Thus, the most mathematically savvy bets are those placed on the banker.

In terms of Baccarat payouts, betting on the banker is again the savviest bet. While it is true that tie bets pay out well-typically 9 to 1-their statistical odds of hitting are rare. The likelihood that a bettor will blow his bankroll waiting for the tie to strike is high.

Conversely, a winning banker bet is much more common than even a winning player bet.1.06% more common, to be exact.

Play Free Baccarat Games

One way to ensure that your strategy doesn’t escape you in the heat of the moment is to practice. There are free games available nearly everywhere these days, including here at

Playing free online casino Baccarat games allows you to familiarize yourself with casino software, test your game knowledge and hone your decision-making skills without risking your bankroll.

Fewer Decks Equal Better Odds

Finding a table with the best odds is key. A good strategy is most effective at a table that has fewer than six decks in play. The reason is simple: fewer decks mean fewer cards and fewer cards means a more controlled playing environment.

You won’t find these perfect tables in a brick and mortar casino, but you may find them among online casino games. Web gaming is a competitive industry, so casinos often vie for players by offering Baccarat tables with more player-friendly odds. Improving your online Baccarat strategy can be as simple as finding the best table.

Don’t Believe the Pattern-Tracking Hype

The casino Baccarat strategies you’ll use in brick and mortar locales are slightly different than the online Baccarat strategy you’ll employ when playing internet games.

Traditional casinos like to leave pens and paper out for their players to track the outcomes of each deal. Some people claim that tracking the results is one of the most profitable Baccarat strategies.

However, this technique is mathematically flawed and wildly inaccurate. Baccarat is a game of chance. Additionally, game cards are shuffled after every deal, thus eliminating the benefit of tracking patterns.

Follow the Leader

Instead of writing down each hand, take a few moments to observe your fellow players. Check out what the seasoned vets are doing and follow their lead.

Be a Bonus Hunter

This strategy is simple (and right up our alley!). If you don’t have much money with which to start playing, seek out a casino that offers a good no-deposit bonus. Most gambling websites attract players with generous Welcome Bonus packages that help you on your way towards building a bankroll.

Just be sure to read the fine print. Some casinos require that you wager as much as 40 times your initial bonus amount before you can cash out.

Free Baccarat Games

This game isn’t exclusively for the rich anymore. Free internet Baccarat games allow everyone, whether high roller of casual player, to participate. If you’ve got a computer and a connection, you can play Baccarat online at any time you want.

Baccarat Odds

The concept of odds intimidates many players—so many numbers and calculations. But once you start to play Baccarat online, those numbers and calculations start to make sense. Our game odds page helps you get a grip on the odds before you start betting against them. It’s advice that both beginners and pros can use.

Baccarat Probability & the Best Bets for Beating Baccarat

Fans of casino games appreciate Baccarat odds because they provide a better chance of winning thanks to a low house edge. The game is structured in such a way that bettors make few decisions and, in general, risk less than they might playing other casino card games.

In addition to understanding the game’s flow and its unique hand valuation, one of the only prerequisites for getting in the game is possessing a basic knowledge of Baccarat odds. To enhance your understanding of Baccarat odds, has collected the most important Baccarat payouts and Baccarat probability charts.

Table Selection

The best means of establishing winning Baccarat odds is by selecting an optimal table. By this we mean choosing a table with the fewest number of decks in play.

Most standard Baccarat tables employ an eight deck shoe. This means that there are many cards in play and many of them are face cards. Keeping in mind that face cards have a value of zero and that the best “how to win at Baccarat” advice involves betting on the highest hand, it follows that the lesser the number of face cards in play, the greater the likelihood you will win.

Accordingly, selecting a table with fewer than 8 decks in use will increase your opportunities for winning Baccarat. Below is a Baccarat probability chart indicating Baccarat odds for tables with 6 and 8 decks.

No. of DecksBanker Baccarat OddsPlayer Baccarat OddsTie Baccarat Odds

Tracking Outcomes

Many casinos provide pens and paper to players in order that they keep records of winning Baccarat hands. There are a surprising number of players who believe that tracking outcomes is an effective strategy and one that can overcome Baccarat odds. These players believe that, as with other casino card games like blackjack and poker, card counting and probabilities are a factor in their success.

This is a fallacy that, unfortunately, prevents many players from placing smart bets and encourages them, instead, to bet on chance.

House Edge

You can’t track the numbers, but you can make betting decisions that will reduce the Baccarat odds against you. The lowest house edge is on the banker bet-an average 1.1%.  Because of its statistically low house edge, casinos often charge a 4-5% commission on banker wins, which is typically offset by its win/loss ratio.  Player bets have an average 1.29% house edge. Both are very low when compared to other casino games.

The same cannot be said of the tie bet, which is popular among high rollers and adventure seekers due to its incredible 8 to 1 payout percentage.

But don’t let the lure of easy money fool you into making this bet.  Of the three possible bet options, it hits only an average 9.5% of the time (see above chart).  It also carries an astronomically high 14% average house edge, which is the worst house edge across both on land and online casino games.  It even beats the high commissions on slots and keno games.

The below Baccarat payouts chart displays house advantages based on casino commissions on Banker hands of 4% and 5% and Baccarat payouts on Tie bets at 9:1 and 8:1.

No. of DecksBanker Bet
(5% commission)
Banker Bet
(4% commission)
Player BetTie Bet at 9:1Tie Bet at 8:1

Low Table Stakes

While this is not directly related to Baccarat odds, it is worth mentioning that finding a table with low stakes is a good idea for all but the richest of players. Higher stakes games, while they have exactly the same Baccarat odds, cause you to go through your money very quickly. Managing your money properly and playing at a table whose stakes are within your bankroll’s budget will ensure a lengthy and enjoyable playing session.

As with any game, the bottom on how to win at Baccarat is making sure you know your game, you know your Baccarat odds, you find a good table in a reputable casino and you enjoy your session. The rest, as they say, is up to the cards.


Baccarat Tips

Our easy to use online Baccarat tips serve a basic purpose: they cut out the stress, frustration, and confusion associated with playing an unfamiliar game so you can simply sit back and enjoy it. They’re simple, they’re straight-forward and they provide greater understanding of this game’s many features. Not interested in learning strategies or odds? At least take a glimpse of our helpful internet Baccarat tips.

Here at Casino Bonus, we know that there are a lot of places out there that offer gambling tips. But we also know that our Baccarat tips are handpicked by industry experts for players just like you.

Whether you are brand new to internet Baccarat or an old hand at the game, Casino Bonus employs an army of knowledgeable experts, all of whom are here to help you protect your bankroll, place Baccarat bets with the best odds, find the biggest online casino promotions and improve your win to loss ratio. Read the below list of Baccarat tips for pre- and in-game advice for bringing up your Baccarat game.

Know Which Game is Which

Baccarat is played in four different variations, each with its own attendant rules and strategies. Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque dominate Europe; Asia prefers Punto Banco; and Mini-Baccarat has recently taken over the Americas. Before placing your bet, be sure you know which game table you’re sitting down to.

    • Chemin de Fer
      Chemin de Fer is how the French say “railroad” and is indicative of the game’s unique manner of issuing cards. Every time the Banker suffers a loss, he passes the deck(s) to the next player. Thus, the shoe travels around the table as a train travels along a track.
    • Banque
      This game is unique in that the Player receives two sets of cards while the Banker receives his usual one. Bettors may wager on either of the Player’s hands. They cannot, however, wager on the Banker hand
    • Punto Banco
      Punto Banco is most popular in the United States, with its popularity in Asia coming in a close second. As with Banque, a croupier deals all the cards in this variation. Bettors, however, are allowed to bet on either the Player or Banker hand.
  • Mini-Baccarat
    American casinos invented Mini-Baccarat as a means of saving space on the very costly per-cubic foot casino floor. Its name says it all: this game variation is simply a mini version of the original Baccarat game, played at blackjack-style tables.

Play Free Practice Games

Here’s something you won’t find in Vegas: Free Games. Among online casinos, however, they are pervasive.  The reason?  It’s two-fold, actually.

First, online casino operators know that players aren’t likely to sidle up to their desktop and drop a deposit in a casino they don’t know in order to play a game they don’t understand.  Free games let you test the waters, in relation to both your skill and the online casino.

Second, it’s a great lure for online casinos, whose operators know that Free Games are often the gateway to pay-to-play.  This reason benefits the casino more than you, though, so be cautious.

Start with Mini-Baccarat

Mini-Baccarat rules are similar to those in on land and online games, but their tables are generally less populated and typically offer lower table limits. These advantages allow you to build a bankroll at a lower risk without having to learn an entirely new game variation.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

This is an obvious one:  Don’t bet more money than you have.  Think your mortgage is no fun? Student loans?  How about your credit card debt?  Well, just wait until you experience the joy of owing 40 large to a casino.  At least you’ve got a house for your mortgage; an education for your student loans; and an Armani suit for your credit card debt. With gambling debt, you’ll have nothin’ to show for your troubles.

Set limits, leave the table when you’re up and don’t think you can “stick out” a losing streak.  All you’ll be is a loser.  Really.

Avoid Sucker Bets

This tip may seem obvious—and we agree, it is—but it’s the first of all winning Baccarat tactics to be tossed out the proverbial window when bettors hit a losing streak.

As you likely know by now, you have the option to bet on the Banker, the Player, or the Tie. Some gambling tips will advise you to bet all you’ve got on the Tie in the hopes of getting a huge payout. But seriously, this is not a logical bet. The Tie has an average 14% house edge that will decimate your bankroll.

Don’t Bank on Your “System”

Baccarat is a game of chance and, as such, attempts at card counting or working progressive betting systems are useless.

You would be much better off betting on either the banker or the player when you play internet Baccarat. Both of these positions have a house edge under 2%, so they are the financially sound options. The 8 to 1 payout on the tie may be enticing, but it will hurt you in the long run. Stick to the banker and the player for a responsible game.

Study the Payouts

If you decide to bet on the banker, you need to be aware of the house commission. All casinos take a percentage of the win whenever the banker wins. The best online casinos will take a commission around 5%, but some casinos have been known to charge more. Make sure that you check out the online casino reviews before you play to make sure you get the best deal.

The online casino reviews that you can find on all major gambling sites are actually a great source of information. These reviews can tell you where to find the best online casino promotions, the best free games, and the best online casinos in which to play your favorite games. One of the best Baccarat tips you can ever learn is to know to check out the online casino reviews first.

The above gambling tips and Baccarat advice represent the best strategies for winning at Baccarat.  Keep these Baccarat tips in mind when playing and you’ll be sure to increase your wins and your gaming pleasure.  Enjoy and good luck!

Baccarat History

Baccarat history is long and winding, and worth a read if you’re serious about the game. If you’re a member of the curious crowd, satisfy that curiosity by reading our comprehensive game history page. We’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about what, where, why, who and how this distinctive casino game got its start.

Baccarat is a card game whose name suggests simplicity. Baccarat history, however, is the opposite. Its confused, and occasionally lurid origins, lend it an air of intrigue and help to maintain its reputation as a game for high-rollers and the European elite.

The history of Baccarat has been traced back by fans and scholars to locales as far-flung as ancient Rome, China and France, with no definitive theory on its roots emerging the irrefutable winner.

Roman virgins and 9-sided dice

Legends and folklore have often been cited in support of these theories. One such legend regarding the origins of Baccarat dates back to the 1st century and tells of a Roman virgin who rolls a nine-sided dice in order to determine whether she will become a high priestess, be banished from religious service or be sacrificed to the Gods. The story is the first written reference to an event similar to a Baccarat game.

Early Italian influence?

Others claim today’s Baccarat game is an Italian invention, put forth by noted gambler Felix Falguierein in the 15th century. This possible game precursor had similar game rules but was played with Tarot cards as opposed to today’s 52 card deck. An important fact, however, and a plausible link between the two games, is that the standard 52 card deck is organized according to and based on the structure of Tarot cards.

Chemin de Fer & French nobles

Still others argue that the origins of Baccarat stretch back to France, evidenced by its long history as a game played by nobles and its current proliferation under the name “Chemin de Fer”. It appeared in France in 1490 A.D. and remained a game exclusive to the French nobility for some time before becoming a casino game.

But, while Baccarat is indeed a French word, it is in fact, a derivative of the Italian word “Baccara”, which translates to zero and likely explains why the Baccarat hand is the losing hand among all Baccarat game variations.

Tiles vs. Tarot Cards

Additional evidence suggests that Baccarat history evolved from Pai Gow, a Chinese tile game. In this game players had to “Pai Gow” – Chinese for “make a nine”. Indeed, it is possible that the game migrated to Italy with merchants from the Far East. It is also possible that its adaptation to a game played with Tarot cards versus tiles was a function of the Italian merchants and pilgrims with whom it was then popular.

Diplomacy Theory

What is most likely is the fact that all—China, France and Italy—played significant roles in or had a tremendous influence on Baccarat history, whether inventing or enhancing the game.

Coming to America

In the late 1950’s, Baccarat history reached the shores of the United States of America. The game was introduced to gambling fans in the U.S. when the well-known Dunes Casino hosted its first table. It was touted as a combination of European card game and “Chemin de Fer” and was an immediate hit among casino-goers.

The final frontier…

Nearly fifty years later, the history of Baccarat hit another high when it was introduced as an online casino game that could be enjoyed anywhere, anytime by anyone. All players needed were a computer and an internet connection.

This radical advance in technology meant that what had once been a game reserved for high-rollers and the jet set was now available to players of more modest means. No longer was a trip to Vegas or Monte Carlo necessary in order to play this popular card game. Instead, one could simply log-in and bet.

This shift was extraordinary in its effect on the game. Its noble roots, which had previously engendered a sense of intimidation among players of “lesser means”, were all but forgotten. The game’s virtual playing field made all things equal.

Today, Baccarat is a staple among casinos online and on land world-over. The game’s simplicity, speed and unique card game rules have made it a favorite among casino patrons looking for camaraderie in a relaxed gaming environment.

Baccarat Glossary

This game is so beloved that its loyal players have devised their own language for the game. There’s a special name for every hand and every bet, and learning these terms is an essential aspect of play. Jump into the culture and language of online Baccarat by reading our game glossary.

If you really want to understand Baccarat games, you will need to be familiar with a few basic Baccarat terms. The Casino Bonus Baccarat glossary can help. Here, we explain Baccarat terms and Baccarat slang in a simple, easy-to-read format. Both Baccarat definitions and explanations of language commonly heard during Baccarat games are included in this comprehensive Baccarat glossary.

We’ve played Baccarat games, consulted with casino employees and picked the minds of seasoned players in order to compile the below Baccarat glossary and help you understand Baccarat terms. Read it today, use it tomorrow…as an easy reference guide if you find there are a few terms you can’t recall while at play.

Baccarat Terminology & Slang

Baccarat: This is both the name of the game and the name of a specific hand. A Baccarat hand has a total value of zero. It is considered the worst possible hand in the game.

Banker: One of three positions whose hand bettors may place wagers on. Bettors may place bets on the Banker regardless of where they are seated at the table. The Banker is not the dealer.

Casino card game rules: Every casino has slightly different casino card game rules for Baccarat. To be a well-informed player, check the casino card game rules specific to the location/website you are playing before stepping up to the table.

Chemin de Fer: Chemin de Fer is a game variation wherein six or more players take turns being the banker. The name Chemin de Fer is a result of the original game’s cards being placed in an iron box similar to a railroad car.

Croupier: The name of the casino employee responsible for dealing the cards in Baccarat games.

Gambling forum: A gambling forum is a place online players may visit in order to ask game-specific questions, share game-related stories and offer game-related advice. If you really want to understand Baccarat and other casino games, your best option is to look at a gambling forum.

High roller: A high roller is someone who consistently places large bets. Many high rollers flock to Baccarat tables because they know how to win games with a minimal amount of loss.

House advantage: The house advantage is the amount that the casino is favored over the player by the mechanics of the game. Here, the Tie bet has an average 14% house advantage, while the Banker and Player bets hover at just above 1%.

Ladderman: A ladderman is a casino employee that watches over all of the Baccarat tables at once. This added security measure results from the fact that Baccarat tables are considered high stakes tables in brick and mortar casinos.

Player: Contrary to the language employed in most casino games, the term Player does not refer to the person placing the bet in Baccarat games. The Player, like the Banker, represents a position upon which  participants are allowed to place their bets.

Punto Banco: Punto Banco is a game variation played in North America, Australia, Sweden, Finland and Macau, among other places. In Punto Banco, the casino is always the banker.

Secure online gambling: When playing online Baccarat, the most important issue is whether you have a secure online gambling experience. Many casinos offer proof of security certificates, virus protection, and security guarantees in order that players trust their online casino games provider.

Shoe: Shoe is a colloquial term that is used to refer to the collection of decks from which the croupier can draw. The participants have better odds at the table if fewer decks are included in the shoe.

Tie: The Tie is another of the three possible betting positions in Baccarat.  It occurs when the Player and the Banker hold cards of exactly the same total value.  The Tie pays out 8 to 1.  Though its payout is high, its odds of occurrence are very rare and it is generally recommended that bettors avoid this wager.