Online Keno

Online Keno

All about Keno Online

Online Keno games are very much like your local lotteries: They’re easy to learn and fun to play. The rules for how to play Keno online are straightforward and come in a vast number of interesting, but easy-to- learn varieties.

Getting started at casino Keno requires little effort. Purchase a ticket; choose your numbers; await the results. Whether you enjoy a game online or on land, it’s one of only a few that are simultaneously exciting and relaxing. To get your casino Keno game on, read the introductory tips and information below then click the links to the pages you wish to read.


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Online Keno Rules

Few casino games are as easy to learn as online Keno. Simply select between one and ten numbers from a possible 80 and await your results. The more numbers you match, the more you win.

There is a bit of strategy involved—understanding payout ratios and selecting the wager amount you place per number—but the basic rules for how to play Keno online vary little. Read the rules section to learn more.

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Online Keno Strategy

In casino Keno, game outcomes are random and governed entirely by chance. There is no way to influence the draw or to beat the odds. That said, there are a few strategies for online Keno games that can increase your chances of winning and control your losses. Choosing the right casino, for example, is essential, as bonus offerings, game types and security vary among them. It’s also important to bet effectively, a strategy which influences how often and how long you play. The strategy page explains these tactics and more.

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Free Online Keno Games

Still not sure how to play Keno online? Perplexed by the tickets and their values? Don’t worry. has the cure for your confusion. We’ve designed our very own free Keno game so that you can test your game IQ before betting your bankroll. Play a free Keno game to practice or play a game to relax. If/when you’re ready to wager real cash, check out our casino reviews for information on the latest casino promotions and biggest casino bonuses. Whether free Keno or real money play, we’ve got the ticket! 

Online Keno Odds

To be honest, online Keno provides no means of predicting game outcomes. With more than 80 numbers to choose from and a Random Number Generator (RNG) determining which numbers are called, the possibilities are literally in the quintillions. But there are odds and payout information that can be very helpful. Lucky for you, we’ve crunched the numbers and done the calculations so all you have to do is play!

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Online Keno Tips

Besides the ability to count to 80, there are a few other game tactics and skills that can greatly improve your win ratio. Though this is fundamentally a game of luck—you cannot predict or influence the numbers called— a few simple tips can help in getting luck on your side. Our tips page offers insights to how many numbers and how much money to bet. Choosing your bets and budgeting your bankroll will extend the length of your session.

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Casino & Online Keno History

This is, arguably, the oldest game you will find in any casino, whether online or on land. Some hypotheses put the game’s origins date back 2,200 years ago. According to legend, leaders of China’s Han Dynasty made it a national game and used its profits to fund a war. Players selected between 120 Chinese characters and were awarded when their selections were drawn. It’s said that game profits helped to not only win the war, but to fund the building of China’s Great Wall.

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Online Keno Glossary

Like every game, online Keno has its own language. Unique terms, slang and lingo abound among seasoned players who use their ‘insider speak’ to separate the vets from the newbies. We’ve assembled the terms you need to know in order not to fall into the latter camp. The game glossary defines terms like “goose”, “draw” and “spot” , and explains what players mean when they drop phrases like “pay any catch ticket” .

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