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Online Video Poker Game Guide

Video Poker Bonus Info & Game Tips

Welcome to the Video Poker Bonus & Game Rules Guide. Here you’ll find information on Video Poker bonus offers and how to play the game and win (putting your Video Poker bonus to its best use!).

If you like to play poker and you like to play slots, casino Video Poker is the game for you. Mixing the thrill and combinatory possibilities of five-card draw poker with the easy-to-use interface and rules of a slot machine, Video Poker online is one of the most exciting casino games on the market.

Like its casino version, online Video Poker is easy to grasp and does not exhaust players with overly complicated tactics. At the same time, it’s compelling enough to entertain players for hours. Better still, it is one of the few casino games that allows you to put the odds in your favor. Given certain circumstances, you can actually reduce the house edge all the way to zero and beat the game!

Take a look at the below summaries of how to play Video Poker online and read more on the subjects that appeal to you. Our easy to read guide will improve your game play, boost your confidence and increase your entertainment value, while our Video Poker bonus information will help you parse the fine print and find the promos and free cash giveaways that will build your bankroll fast.


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Online Video Poker Rules

The basic mechanism of casino Video Poker is pretty simple, whether you play online or on land. Place a bet; receive your cards; hold or draw; compare your hand. But, because there are so many casino and online Video Poker game variations—most notably Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Video Poker Bonus games—there also exists an array of very subtle, but nonetheless important game rules. Learning them is an important determining factor in whether you win or lose. explains how to play Video Poker online in depth.

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Online Video Poker Strategy

This fun and easy-to-learn gamble is one of the few casino games that are beatable. In order to beat Video Poker online, players must adhere to a strict but effective strategy. But even if you're not able to play by the book, developing a winning strategy that reduces the house edge significantly is well within reach. All you need is a little bit of practice, the right Video Poker bonus, and the strategy guide.

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Free Video Poker Game

Ever wish you had your own personal casino game trainer? We have, too. That's why we've created a free online Video Poker game that lets you enjoy playing without fear of financial ruin. Our free game is part simulator; part practice game; part relaxation device. It's specifically engineered for easy play and no hassle, allowing you to test your know-how or just play a round or two without placing a real money bet. 

Online Video Poker Odds

Knowing the odds of winning and losing is a crucial part of gambling success. How good are your chances of actually being dealt a royal flush? What are your chances of a straight when sporting a starting hand with an outside street? These are very important questions that determine if you will win or loose. So take a good look at our online Video Poker game odds.

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Online Video Poker Tips

Aside from strategy, there are a few other noteworthy game tips that players should consider before sitting down to play Video Poker online. Where do you play best? How big is your bankroll? Which casinos offer a Video Poker bonus with few restrictions and loose wagering requirements? Though these concerns don't directly affect your play, they are critical to your success. Read our tips page to get the goods that go beyond in-game strategy.

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Online Video Poker History

Born of the psychedelic Seventies, this game is one of the newest in the casino, which is why its speedy ascent up the player popularity charts is so astounding. In less than 40 years, this popular game has bested casino games that have been around for centuries. Our comprehensive coverage of its brief but exciting history explains its origins from start to present.

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Online Video Poker Glossary

Sure of your game terms? Know what "cowboy", "deuce", and "kicker" really mean? Don't worry if you answered "no" to one or both questions. Our complete Video Poker bonus and game glossary has all the game slang, promotional terminology and player turns of phrase you'll need to talk the talk and walk the walk.

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