Online Slots Rules

Online Slots Rules

Casino Slots Rules & Tips on Playing to Win!

Looking for information on Slot Machines? You’re starting your search smart by reading the Casino Bonus guide to online Slots rules. In taking a few minutes to cover some basic principles, you’ll save yourself a world of frustration and cash.  Learning how to play Slots is fun and easy and we at Casino Bonus are eager to help.

To those who continue to insist that casino Slots are merely games of luck, we say “Show me the Money.”  In fact, that’s what they should be saying to us.

To the uninitiated, it does indeed appear that Slots rules can be picked up via simple trial and error.  It may also appear that game outcomes are entirely random.  To this second part, there is some truth.  Game outcomes are produced by Random Number Generators (RNGs) and are digitally encrypted so no one can possibly foresee a win.

But players in the know maintain that there are strategies for increasing the gap between your wins and your losses.  These players advise a learned, even tactical approach to the game.  Below are a few Slots rules to get you started.  Read our Slot Machine strategiestips and game odds pages for additional information.


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Online Slots Rules – Betting

Regardless of which game type you decide to play first, Slots rules remain largely the same from one machine to the next. Money is bet and won by the same procedure and the instructions manual for how to play Slots varies little from game to game.

When playing in brick and mortar casinos, you place bets either by putting bills into a machine or by using a pre-printed currency voucher. In most modern casinos, working coin slots are a thing of the past.

When playing Slots online, you must deposit funds into your player account.  These funds can then be wagered on a selected machine. The money you deposit is divided by the denomination you’re playing in order to give you your credit total. In other words, if you insert $20 into a one-dollar Slot Machine, you will receive 20 credits.

If you’re playing Slots online for free, this process is simplified because your machine will be preloaded with credits.

Now you must decide how many credits you wish to bet per spin. Classic Slots offer only one to three pay lines, but the advanced Slots software used in today’s video and internet Slot Machine games allows players to wager on a hundred lines or more. The more paylines on which you wager, the more you stand to win or lose.

Online Slots Rules – Progressive Slots, Bonus Slots & Comp Points

Here we’d like to point out that before you start playing casino games of any sort, you might consider joining the casino’s Players’ Club. This is a quick and easy way for you to earn bonuses like prizes, comps and even cash.

If you’re a live casino player, use your casino credit card on all the Slot Machine games you play.  This will ensure that you are always earning points.  If you’re playing Slots online your points are tabulated automatically. Even some free Slot Machine games offer player rewards.

Of course, be sure to set a budget before you begin playing and be careful to stick to it.  Credit cards make it easy to forget you are playing with your hard-earned money, a problem compounded by theunrealness of betting from the comfort of home. You can be sure the experience is very real and you might wish you could forget when you receive your credit card bill.

When playing Bonus Slots, be sure to check the game’s wagering requirements.  Most Bonus and Progressive Slots require players to bet a minimum number of credits in order to be eligible for the jackpot.

Online Slots Rules – Pay Lines

Playing is easy once you’ve gotten past the betting part. All that’s needed now is to press the spin button or pull the lever.

While it helps to know the paying combinations—information you can find on any game menu—most games have Slots software that will highlight winning lines, making it easy for you to learn winning combinations while you play.

Online Slots Rules – Cashing Out

Cashing out is the final step and is easy in both land and online casinos. When playing live games, all you have to do is hit the “cash out” button, and a voucher will be printed. Take that voucher to the next casino Slots game to keep playing or to the nearest change machine to get cash.

When playing online, casino Slots software allows players to either cash out or safe their winnings in their casino account.  Even if you are accidentally disconnected from your game, your credits will be automatically redirected into your player account.