Slot Machines

Slot Machines

Casino Bonus Guide to Online Slots

Slot Machines are the most prevalent and popular off all casino games. Whether on land, on the high seas or on the information superhighway, Slot Machines have captured the imaginations of gambling fans in every walk of life and from all over the globe. Whether you prefer penny pits or high-limit salons, there’s an internet gambling slots game that caters to your taste, style and bankroll.

Modern games have come a long way since their candy machine and one-armed bandit days. 21st century players of online slots (bonus games, progressives and standard three and five reels alike) need only press a button, click a mouse or tap a keyboard to spin the magic levers; and jackpots are recorded on paper receipts and in world-wide checking accounts.

Today’s online casino Slots offer all of the fun and excitement of their real-life counterparts. They also give players the option of gaming 24/7 and the convenience of “spinning to win” from the comfort of their homes, offices or laptop computers.


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Online Slot Machine Rules: How to Play Slots

Although learning how to play Slots may appear simple, each game has its own unique set of rules. Which game has the best rules for you? Which online slots bonus is biggest? Which ones have the best payouts? Should you play machines that offer a higher payback percentage or do you want to chase that huge progressive jackpot and/or online slots bonus? answers these questions and more in our How to Play Slots section.

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Online Slot Machine Strategy: How to Win

At first glance, the terms "Slot Machine" and "strategy" may not seem to go together. How much strategy is involved in pushing a button and waiting for the results? However, some true strategic thinking is required when it comes to how to win and how to capture an online slots bonus, including selecting the right game, studying pay tables and learning about various built-in bonus games.

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Free Online Slots: Playing Online Casino Slots Risk-free

Here's your chance to play online casino slots without spending a cent! has its very own free internet gambling slots game. Test your game know-how using the machine's "play money" option. Later, when you want to win some real cash, you can sign up with your favorite site. Many sites offer free bonus money—see our casino reviews to learn which ones—before you make a deposit.

Online Slots Odds & Probabilities

"What are my chances?" This is a question every person who enjoys gambling asks when he plays a new game; and each game answers that question differently. Our guide to the probabilities and odds for the most popular internet gambling Slots can tell you how games pay out their winners, how often you can expect to win and which types of games pay out the biggest jackpots.

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Online Slots Tips: A Quick Guide to Beating the One Armed Bandit

Forget your lucky rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover. No need for lucky charms here. gives you the straight facts for how to play and win Slots online. We have the tips, tricks and techniques that will help you stretch your bankroll, have more fun and give yourself the best chance to hit that huge jackpot!

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Online Slots History: From Fruit Machines to Progressive Jackpots

From "fruit machines" that dispensed chewing gum to computerized games with multi-million dollar payouts, Slot Machines have evolved and progressed by leaps and bounds in the last century. Multi-line machines, video-game-style presentations and random number generators have carried Slot Machines well past the era of the old "one-armed bandit". Learn more about the history of Slots here.

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Online Slots Glossary: The Language Behind the Game

If you're not sure about the difference between a "payline" and a "payout table", you'd better check out the Slots game glossary. Soon you'll be tossing out terms like "flat tops", "progressives" and "multipliers", and sounding like a bona-fide Vegas veteran.

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