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Online Roulette Game Guide

Roulette Gambling Games Information

Casino roulette is one of the most prolific and exciting gambling games. Online Roulette games are easy to learn and feature many wagering options and roulette bonuses for players who love to bet on their “lucky numbers”. Betting systems that employ roulette codes and tracking patterns in consecutive spins are another unique aspect of the game.

But it is the web revolution of the late 1990’s that ushered in a new era in casino Roulette. The in-home availability of online Roulette games introduced it to a broader audience, and the attractive roulette bonuses offered by some of the top online casinos increased its popularity exponentially.

Today, players yearning for a spin but otherwise unable to take a weekend trip to Vegas or Monte Carlo need only log in to their favorite betting site to retrieve bankroll building roulette codes and get a quick Roulette online fix.

For those interested in learning and/or expanding their Roulette know-how, has compiled a comprehensive Guide to Online Roulette, including articles on game rules, strategy, odds and history. Another of our unique Roulette bonuses is our free flash Roulette game. It lets you test your skills before risking your savings.

Watch the wheel spin, the ball roll and the excitement build as we introduce you to the fun of Roulette online.


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Online Roulette Rules

Red or black? Odd or even? High or low? Learn about game flow, terminology, payout percentages and more in the Rules to Roulette Online Guide. You'll also learn the differences between the American and European Roulette game versions, inside bets vs. outside bets, and which wagers give you the best chance to win. We tell you which bets have the highest odds, best payouts and biggest house edges so you can concentrate on your online Roulette game.

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Online Roulette Strategy

"What are the best numbers to bet?" "Should I follow the crowd, or bet my own numbers?" "If the last ten results have come up black, should I go with red or hope black comes up again?" "I read a book about Mr. X's betting strategy for how to play Roulette online – are there actually secret Roulette codes that are worth trying?" Our online Roulette game strategy section answers all of these questions and more so you can feel comfortable and confident before placing your first wager.

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Free Roulette Games – Play Roulette Online with No Risk

If you believe "experience is the best teacher", but don't have the bankroll to play Roulette online until your game is perfect, we can help. Play our free Roulette game, designed specifically for visitors, without risking a cent. After a few practice rounds, read our casino reviews to find a site that offers "no deposit required" bonuses and play for real cash wins before you make your first deposit.


Online Roulette Odds

Whether you're looking for a slow, steady return on your bankroll or you want to risk it all on one spin of the wheel, it never hurts to know the odds. Our helpful tables will let you know which bets have the best payout rate as well as those with the biggest house advantage. As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power"; use the power of these odds to make the best bets and come out on top!

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Online Roulette Tips

When you're ready to "turn the tables" on the casino, take a look at these tips and techniques you can take advantage of when playing casino Roulette. Learn how the game really works, how the house makes its money on "sucker bets" and how you can stay away from traps designed to suck the money out of your bankroll and the fun out of your play.

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Online Roulette History

First, man invented the wheel. Then, he invented the Roulette wheel. OK, maybe that's leaving a few important bits out, but this best of gambling games does have a long and distinguished history. Invented by a French philosopher in the seventeenth century, imported to America in the early 1800s and developed for online play in the 1990s, it has captured the minds of serious mathematicians and betting enthusiasts for generations.

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Online Roulette Glossary

If you think Roulette is as simple as choosing between black or red and then waiting for a little ball to stop spinning round a wheel, think again. Online roulette games are surprisingly nuanced—betting options and game language are specific, and Roulette bonuses are hard to come by. Read the Roulette glossary to get a handle on the terms and phrases used in game play.

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