Keno Strategy

Keno Strategy

Winning Keno Strategy & Systems

One of the most hotly debated topics in the gambling world is Keno strategy. Some people claim that there is no Keno strategy needed to both play and win this popular game.

While this may be true in terms of your influence over the numbers – Random Number Generators (RNGs) determine game outcomes and cannot be manipulated or biased – it is most definitely untrue with regard to player choices. Behavior, timing, betting techniques and game knowledge all have a tremendous impact on how much you win and lose.

“To Win or Not to Win?” That really is the question when is comes to whether you should or shouldn’t employ some basic Keno strategies. You can stumble along playing your luck and winning every so often or you can take home higher than average Keno payouts. The choice is yours.

For those who’ve decided they want to win, we’ve got the goods on how. Below are a few winning Keno tactics and tried and true Keno tricks that will have you thanking your strategic (vs. lucky) stars you came to Casino Bonus.


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Winning Keno Strategy #1 – Accept the Facts

Here’s the part where we tell you to ignore everything we just said. Yes, your behavior and choices do determine your overall win ratio. And yes, how well you understand the game and when/how much you bet will affect your bankroll.

But, one of the first and most important winning Keno strategies is to realize that you can only do so much to alter the game. You will have a much more enjoyable time if you embrace the fact that this, and all other casino games, involves risk.

We call this Keno strategy the “accept the facts strategy.” Follow this step and you will have more fun picking your numbers.

Winning Keno Strategy #2 – Choose your Numbers Wisely

Having acknowledged that randomness is one of the Keno systems that makes the game a gamble, it must be said that how you pick your numbers is where Keno strategy really comes into play.

  • Many seasoned players think that the most profitable Keno tactics are those that track the numbers called in previous rounds. If you’re playing in a live casino, you will probably notice lots of people scribbling numbers into notepads. They are trying to use past numbers to predict futures and will typically bet on the outcomes recently rendered.The idea here is that the computers responsible for generating game outcomes make errors. Most of the people who employ these Keno tricks began playing the game long before its outcomes were computerized, back when humans made errors that computers do not.Sadly, the numbers that are called next do not depend on numbers that were called last. It just doesn’t work that way. Still, this mathematical fact has not prevented thousands of people from trying to use Keno systems like this. Point is, don’t fall into this Keno trick trap.
  • Another common Keno trick employed by veteran players is to consistently bet on the same numbers. These numbers often hold significant meaning for the player who thinks that if he bets lucky numbers like birthdays or wedding anniversaries he will be one step closer to winning those massive Keno payouts.The good news here is that betting repeatedly on the same numbers is one of the few winning Keno strategies that do bring you closer to big Keno payouts. You have a higher statistical win rate if you don’t jump around the number board. However, you don’t start winning under this system because your numbers are lucky. Rather, you win because you are consistent.

Winning Keno Strategy #3 – Do You Feel Lucky?

It is not enough to know what not to do when you play. You need to know what steps you should follow in order to be eligible for the big internet casino bonus that the casinos use to lure you. Many people swear that the most important step to winning is doing whatever feels comfortable.

By this, they mean that playing well is the result of confidence and confidence is the result of feeling good about your game. It is actually a scientific fact that athletes, businessman and pretty much all human beings perform their best when they are relaxed and confident.

To achieve this, many people swear by lucky totems like key chains or rabbit’s feet or their special game day socks. Of course, none of these will actually improve your odds of winning, but they might improve your mental state.

Keno strategy is one of the hot button issues in the gambling world because everyone is convinced that their particular system is the best. The truth is that there is no one Keno strategy that is guaranteed to work for everyone.

The above Casino Bonus Keno strategy tips should point you in the right direction. Good luck…or shall we say, good strategy!