Keno Glossary

Keno Glossary

Keno Glossary: Terms, Slang and Definitions

Anyone can buy a ticket and pick some numbers. But to walk the walk, you’ve got to talk the talk. Just what is Keno talk? It’s the sum of terms used in game play and conversation. These terms are the signifiers of who’s a pro and who’s a newbie. Lucky for you, our Keno glossary contains all the in-the-know phrases and Keno slang you’ll need.

Refer to the below Keno glossary now and during online play, and keep these Keno definitions in mind when purchasing your ticket, picking your spots and placing your bets. Good luck!


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Bet- The amount of money wagered per draw. Depending on the online gaming establishment that you frequent, you can bet between $0.25 and $50 on a single draw.

Call- A call occurs when the numbers are displayed after they are drawn by the computer.

Draw- The term that describes the process of number selection. Most casinos have switched from old-fashioned manual draws to systems that display computerized numbers.

Catch – A single spot draw.

Catch-All – Keno game variation wherein players must catch all of the numbers marked on their tickets.

Catch-Zero – Keno game variation requiring players catch none of the numbers marked on their tickets.

Combination Ticket – A single card with multiple wagers.

Deuce – Keno slang for two spots grouped together.

Draw – The act of drawing the 20 winning numbers.

Edge Ticket – Cards that have the 32 numbers on their outer edges marked.

Exacta – A Keno ticket that is used for two games and that holds a special payout rate.

Fractional Rate Ticket – A ticket played for a fraction of the typical rate.

Hit- A hit occurs when one of your selected numbers is drawn. Of all the Keno glossary terms, this is perhaps the most important; it tells you when you’ve won.

House- The name used to refer to the casino. You will most often hear this term when players are discussing the house edge or house advantage.

Jackpot- The largest existing prize. Most casinos attach stipulations to Keno jackpot eligibility. Typically, these stipulations involve placing maximum bets.

Keno balls- Keno numbers were originally drawn out of a metal cage like bingo balls. Each small plastic ball had a number painted on it that would be read aloud by a casino employee. This time intensive procedure has been abandoned in most casinos.

Keno cards- Cards around the world are all set up in roughly the same way. Each card is marked with eighty squares and numbered from 1 to 80. Players need to mark they chosen numbers on the card and have it validated in order for a win to be considered valid.

Left-Right Ticket – A ticket marked vertically down its center. Here, players aim to catch numbers on one half of the ticket only.

Multi Game Ticket – A ticket used for several  games.

Outside Ticket – The official Keno game ticket a player receives in exchange for his hand marked ticket. It is distributed only after a bet is placed.

Random Number Generator- Most casinos use a random number generator to draw their Keno numbers instead of holding physical draws. Using these programs allows the casino to have more games going on at once because each game takes less time.

Split Ticket – Here, two or more groups of numbers are played separately within the same ticket.

Spot – The selected numbers marked on a ticket.  One of the original Keno terms.

Top-Bottom Ticket – A ticket marked horizontally through the middle.  Here, the aim is to catch only numbers on one half of the ticket.

This brief online Keno glossary can serve as an easy reference tool for the Keno terms & Keno slang you need to know in order to play—and sound—like a pro.  For more information on game rules, visit our comprehensive guide game flow, bets, cards, numbers and tickets.  Visit our strategy, tips and odds pages to learn the odds and probabilities of your lucky numbers hitting and to design a strategy that best fits your gaming style.

Good luck and bet wisely!