Winning Craps Strategy

Winning Craps Strategy

How to Win Craps: Finding the Craps system and the Craps bet that works for you!

Because every roll of the dice is different, it can be hard to pin down a winning Craps strategy. The simple fact of the matter is that this is a game of chance and there is no guaranteed way to beat it. The best Craps system is most likely focused more on losing less than it is on winning more. The only way for you to do either is to understand not only how to win Craps, but how to minimize your losses when you don’t.


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Craps Strategy #1—Don’t Bet on Big Paydays

First-time players often look at the table and immediately pick the betting option with the highest payouts. After all, they only have to hit those bets a few times every session to come out ahead. Unfortunately, this Craps strategy is seriously flawed. Craps odds are fixed per every new roll (i.e. they do not change according to the previous two or ten rolls).  Players remain just as likely to win or lose a particular bet on their first roll as they do on their tenth.  

There’s no denying that betting on the roll of two dice is a gamble, but choosing the high payout bet is an even riskier Craps system. It is, in effect, like throwing your money away. While we know that the high payouts are appealing, a good rule of thumb to remember is that the higher the payout, the less likely you are to win it.

When it comes to Craps odds, the smartest bets are those that offer the lowest payouts. Will playing these bets make you rich? Probably not, but they won’t leave you broke either. That’s why establishing a winning Craps strategy and adhering to a simple Craps system is all about patience and restraint.

Craps Strategy #2—Play Free Odds

The even money bets—Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come—are the safest bets you can choose. They offer approximately a 50% chance of winning and carry a very low house edge, hence their meager payout. That being said, there are better paying bets that have no house edge at all: odds bets. Of course to play the odds, you must also play a Pass/Don’t Pass bet.

Once you’ve made your Pass or Don’t Pass bet, you may place an additional odds bet of anywhere from 1 up to 100 times your original bet behind the Pass or Don’t Pass lines. If your Pass or Don’t Pass bet loses, then your odds bet does too. On the other hand, if your Pass/Don’t Pass bet wins, so too does your odds bet.  It also pays real odds with no house edge, giving you an actual profit. These bets are your best hope of beating Craps.

Craps Strategy #3—Manipulating Your Throw of the Dice

More than a few shooters claim they can control their rolls, enabling them to hit a 7 when they need it and avoid a 7 when they don’t.  The Craps strategy, they say, requires holding the dice in their hands with the desired numbers face up and then tossing them so they collide mid-air but do not change position.

As one might imagine, mastering this throw requires endless practice and is, in all likelihood, impossible.  This Craps strategy also means that, where you are the “master shooter”, you can only bet when the dice are in your hands.  A pit boss will probably figure you out eventually and put an end to your betting.

Craps Strategy #4—Know Your Limits

Let’s keep this one simple, shall we?  Quit while you’re ahead and don’t drive yourself into the poorhouse.  Set betting limits in advance of placing your first wager and stick to them.

Other sites may advise a Craps strategy that involves placing multiple bets in order that you increase your odds of winning every round. While it may sound like good advice, the truth is that you’ll likely lose significantly more than you win.  This is because it’s typically your even money bets that hit.

Remember…restraint is key. The best Craps strategy is to pick one or two safe bets that appeal to you (preferably the Pass/Don’t Pass and odds combination mentioned above), and stick to them. If your shooter is hot, you just might get lucky and make some money; if he’s not, playing smart will stretch your bankroll when the dice are cold.