Craps Tips

Craps Tips

Craps Tips: Playing Craps games to Win at Casino Bonus!

In addition to the more involved Craps strategies you can use to improve your game, there are a few simple Craps tips that will greatly improve your win/loss ratio as well. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite Craps tips, all of which are suitable for players at every level and in any situation.

No matter how, where, when or why you enjoy playing Craps games, the below tips are certain to make a difference in your bottom line.


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Craps Tips: #1-Know the Craps Payouts

Many new players are so eager to get into the game that they don’t even bother to learn its rules before betting. Apart from looking ridiculous while playing Craps, these novice bettors are likely losing a good chunk of change, too.

If you’re not content resting your fiscal future in fate’s fickle hand, learn Craps payouts odds. There’s a reason why Craps payouts are so high for some Craps bets; they’re almost impossible to win. While choosing safer Craps bets won’t mean winning more money, it will mean keeping more of it.

Craps Tips:  #2-Stick to Your Strategy

Those planning to play long-term will need to weather the game’s odds by playing with, versus against, them. Read our page on Craps strategies to better understand which tactics to employ, and check out our odds page to see which Craps bets have the best chance of winning.

Craps Tips:  #3-Build Your Bankroll with Casino Bonuses

Of all our tips on Craps, this is one that has the least to do with actual play. In fact, it takes little thought at all to build your bankroll…when you’re not at the table that is. There are some very easy ways to build your bankroll outside of in-game play.

The best way is via casino bonuses and promotions. If you’re looking for free money, you won’t have a hard time finding it at online casinos. All offer bonuses, though some are more generous than others. Play at the right sites and you can double your money the first day you play with sign-on bonuses.  You can then optimize your deposits with reload bonuses and comp points accumulated over time.

Craps Tips:  #4-Learn from Others

This is one of the few tips you can’t take directly from this page to a table. Sometimes the best tips on Craps are better experienced than read about.

Whether you play online or on land, the next time you’re at a full table take a look around. Chances are the regular players with the big stacks have a good grasp on the game and how to manipulate their odds. Watch these players, noting how they bet and how often their bets win. If they frequently come out ahead, they must be doing something right, and it probably has little to do with luck.

Craps Tips:  #5-Play Free Games

This is perhaps the easiest of the tips to use. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t take any money to play free games, and while you won’t win money rolling the dice without money on the table, you won’t lose any either.

If you haven’t yet memorized and mastered Craps tips, free games are the best way to practice employing them.  If you’re an old hat but want to break in a new strategy, try it on a free game first.   The free games are nearly identical to cash games, minus the risk.