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Online Craps Game Guide

Casino Craps Online: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re totally new to online Craps or a longtime player, your presence on this page proves you’re familiar with its potential for entertainment and excitement.

Few other casino games have captured the minds and hearts of gamblers the way that casino Craps has. It is by far the most popular dice game in the world and remains one of the most popular table games at any casino, either live or online.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive casino Craps game guide and the best place to play Craps online for free, you’re in the right location. Here at we know everything that’s worth knowing about Craps bets and how to win at Craps…and we’re ready to share that knowledge with you.


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Online Craps Rules

If you’ve never had the chance to play Craps online, or maybe you just need a refresher, start here. On this one page you'll learn everything you need to know about how to play Craps online and the best ways to win at Craps. You'll be able to approach the game table with confidence once you've read our comprehensive rules of Craps section. If you are easily confused by the game’s fast pace, bookmark this page for easy reference.

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Online Craps Strategy

If just knowing how to play the game isn't enough, then read our casino Craps strategy page for extra advice that will teach you not just how to play, but how to win at Craps. Learn the best Craps bets and when, where, and how to place them, as well as how to avoid the worst bets. This section offers advice to both basic and advanced level players, and will help you to stretch and maybe even grow your bankroll.

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Free Online Craps Game

Not sure you're ready to put your money on the pass line? has the answer. We’ve designed a free Craps game in flash format that allows players to test their skills without placing real money Craps bets. When you’re ready for pay-to-play mode, read our casino reviews and promo comparison charts, which will help you find special bonuses that help you build your bankroll and your earning potential. Your free Craps game is just a click away!


Online Craps Odds

A big part of understanding the rules of Craps is understanding game odds. For many players, these odds are a complex concept. Casino Bonus makes learning the odds easy with our expert breakdown of all Craps bets. You'll learn how and why to love playing the odds, and you'll better understand the logic that has made some of the simplest bets the most popular ones. You'll even learn which odds to avoid and why. Most importantly, you’ll see the results in your winnings.

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Online Craps Tips

Some Craps advice falls outside the realm of strategy, but still makes good sense. Our Craps tips are sure to be valuable to both committed and casual players. In this section, we cover everything from managing your money to avoiding popular online gambling pitfalls like systems, books and “secrets.” We also explore odds in layman's terms and give new players a helpful rundown on in-game etiquette. If you want to earn the respect and admiration of your fellow players while protecting both your reputation and your bankroll, then you'll appreciate our practical tips page.

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Online Craps History

Ever wondered where the game of Craps got its name? Do you want to know how such a simple game became a worldwide phenomenon? A lot of sites promote false information about this time honored game. If you want the real scoop on Craps history, get it in the Casino Bonus game history guide.

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Online Craps Glossary

Within minutes of joining a Craps table, many beginners are overwhelmed by the game's unique vocabulary. If you want to play with the proper lingo and discuss the game like a true expert, you've got to learn the language. Our comprehensive glossary includes every common term—plus a few uncommon ones—that you can expect to hear at a Craps table.

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